Reading: How To Succeed In Group Work

“A group has to have a membership of two or more people.” The group should have a shared or common goal and there should be a feeling of interaction and interdependence among the group.

Academic groups”

-Class discussion or activity-based around something that has come up in a class.

-Tutorials-two or more student meeting with a tutor and working together on a topic.

-Seminars-a group of students meeting with a tutor. Typically working together on a topic covered in a lecture program.

-Group assigments-where students are asked to produce something collectively.

SWOT you group work:it stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Treats.

-What are your group strengths?

-What are your weaknesses?

-What opportunities are there for you in group work?

-What treats?

Belbin’s group roles:This includes eight key roles that has been identified in group activities.

Adair’s processes: A theory about the roles of each member of the group that tends to led to arguments.

How to succeed:

-Prepare research, open research folders, analyze task.

-Follow action plan-undertake targeted research and active reading

-Review findings.

-Plan any outline.

-Prepare first draft.

-Leave a time lag.

-Review, revise and edit.

-Proof read.

-Hand work in on time.

-Review progress.

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