Reading: Chapter 1 “Prewriting”

-Selecting A subject: FInd best space. Select something in which you currently have a strong interest. Narrow a large subject.

-Finding your essay’s purpose and focus: Find clear focus or direction for your essay. Determine the main point that you want to make. Always allow your interest and knowledge to guide you.

-Pump-Primer Techniques:Listing, free writing, looping, the boomerang, clustering, cubing(Describe it, compare or contrast it, free-associate it, analyze it, argue for or against it, apply it), interviewing, the cross-examination, sketching, dramatizing the subject.

-How to identify your Readers: Readers don’t like to be bored. Readers hate confusion and disorder. Readers want to think and learn(whether they realize or not). Reader want to see what you see, feel what you feel. Readers are turned off by writers with pretentious, phony voices,

-Uses of the Journal:

1.)Use the journal, especially in the first weeks of class, to confront your fears of writing, to conquer the blank page.

2.) Improve your powers of observation.

3.)Save your own brilliant ideas.

4.)Save other people’s brilliant ideas.

5.)Be creative.

6.)Keep pre- and post-reading notes.

7.)Record responses to class discussions.

8.)Fous on a problem.

9.)Practice audience awareness.

10.)Describe your own writing process.

11.)Write a progress report.

12.)Become sensitive.

13.)Write your own textbook.

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