Reading: Chapter 15 “Classroom Writing: Exams, Timed Essays, and Presentation”

Steps to Writing well Under Pressure:

1.)Clarify for yourself the kind of task you face(Short-answer exam questions, essay exam questions, “prompted essays, summary-and-response essays.”

2.)arrived prepared.

3.)Read the entire assignment with great care,

4.)Prepare to write.

5.)Begin writing.

6.)Read what you have written.

7.)Concluding tips:if you have handwritten your work.

-Problems to Avoid

Misreading the assignment

incomplete essay.

Composition amnesia.

Gorilla generalizations.

Steps to successful Presentations

1.)Clearly understand your assignment’s purpose and format.

2.)Once you understand your purpose and its format, be aware of the presentation’s exact logistical requirement.

3.)Consider your listening audience’s needs.

4.)Practice your critical thinking skills.

5.)Make a written draft of your talk.

6.)Practice your delivery.

Guidelines for Effective Delivery

1.)Monitor your voice.

2.)Make eye contact.

3.)Avoid distractions.

4.)Consider instructional aids.

5.)Adjust and adapt.

6.)End well.

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