Reading: Chapter 20-22

1.) Subject-Verb agreement: Make verb agree in number with its subject; a singular subject takes a singular verb, & a plural subject takes a plural verb.

2.) Most confusing Subject-Verb: with collective noun-a insular noun referring to a collection of elements as a unit generally takes a singular verb. With relative pronoun (that, which, who) used as a subject-the verb agrees with antecedent, word being described. With each, everybody, everyone, neither as the subject-use singular verb even when followed by a plural construction.

3.) With either…or, neither…nor: the verb agrees with nearer item. With here is(are) and there is(are): the verb agrees with the number indicated by the subject following the verb.

4.) Subjunctive:Vsub-when you make a wish or a statement that’s country to fact,, use the subjunctive verb form “were”. Tense shift(T)-the first verb in a sentence establishes the tense of any later verb. Keep verbs within same time frame to avoid confusing readers.

5.) Split infinitive:SP1-many insist that “to” ever be separated from its verb. Double negatives(D neg.)-They couldn’t find no record(incorrect). They could find no record(correct)

6.) Irregular verbs:irreg.V.-Most verbs form their past tense by adding “-ed”. However, some verbs form their past tenses by changing a vowel. Others indicate past tense with an entirely new spelling or word.

7.) Passive voice-“Active voice” refers to sentences in which the subject performs the action. “Passive voice” refers to sentences in which the subject is acted upon. The passive voice is a logical construction when the person or thing performing the action is unknown or of lesser importance than the event or action.


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