Reading: Chapter 3 ” The Body Paragraph”

-Body paragraph support thesis, citing examples, explaining causes, offering reasons and supply enough specific evidence.

-The topic sentence:present one main point in discussion. It could be place at the beginning or end. It also should be tightly focused and stated precisely that helps the reader understand the point of the paragraph.

-Deductive Order:moves from a generalization to a particular details that explain/support the general statement.(starts with topic sentence)

-Inductive order:begins with an examination of particular details and then concludes with a larger point or generalization about those details(ends with topic sentence)

-Transitional words and phrases:first, second, then particular

-Repetition of key words:important words/phases and their synonyms

-Pronouns substituted key nouns: it—>shark

-Parallelism means using the same grammatical structure in several sentences to establish coherence.

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