Reading: Chapter 5 “Drafting and Revising”

-Critical thinking refers to the ability to reflect upon and evaluate the merits of our own ideas and those of others as we decide what to believe, what to do, or how to act.

Thinking critically as a writer:

1.)Learn to distinguish fact from opinion

2.)Support opinion with evidence

3.)Evaluate strength and source of evidence

4.)Use enough supporting evidence

5.)Watch biases and strong emotions that may undermine evidence

6.)Check evidence for logical fallacies

Guidelines for peer revision workshop as a WRITER: Develop a constructive attitude. Come prepared. Evaluate suggestions carefully. Find the good in bad advice.

Guidelines for peer revision workshop as the REVIEWER: Develop a constructive attitude. Be clear and specific. Address important issues. Encourage the writer. Understand your role as critical reader.

Guidelines for small-group work:Start informed. Know your purpose. Create a plan with a time schedule. Consider appointing roles. Stay focused, Be a good listener as well as a good talker. Set a good example.

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