Reading: Chapter 8 “The reading-Writing Connection”

Steps to Reading Well:

1.) Note the title of the selection. Does it draw you into the essay? Does it suggest a particular tone/image?

2.) Note any publication information and biographical data about the author of the selection.

3.) When you finish reading, write a sentence or two summarizing your general impression of the essay’e content or ideas.

4.) Look at the title again and at essay’s introductory paragraph. Did they effectively set up expectations?

5.) Locate writer’s main point or thesis; this idea may be stated plainly or it may be clearly implied.

6.) Look for important statements that support/illustrate thesis.

7.) Ask self how the writer develops, explains, or argues that idea.

8.) Look back over the essay’s organization.

9.) Does the essay flow logically and coherently?

10.) Consider writer’s style and essay’s tone.

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