Reading: Chapter 9 “Exposition”

Developing your Essay: Are all my examples relevant? Are my examples well chosen? Are there enough examples to make each point clear and persuasive?

Problems to Avoid: By far, the most common weakness n essays developed by example is a lack of specific detail. The second biggest problem in example essays is a lack of coherence.

-A directional process tells the reader how to do or make something. In simple words, it gives directions.

Developing your essay

-Select appropriate subject.

-Describe any necessary equipment and define special terms.

-Include all the necessary steps in a logical order.

-explain each step clearly, sufficiently and accurately.

-Organize your steps effectively.

Problems to Avoid

– Don’t forget to include a thesis.

-Pay special attention to your conclusion.

Reviewing your progress:Which part of your essay is most successful? Why? Select two details that contribute significantly to the clarity of your explanation. Why are these details effective? What part of your essay gave you the most trouble? How did you overcome the problem?

-Problems to avoid:

1.)The single most serious error is the “so-what” thesis.

2.)Describe your subject’s clearly and distinctly.

3.)Avoid a choppy essay.

A special Kind of comparison: The Analogy

1.)To clarify and explain

2.)To argue and persuade

3.) To dramatize or capture an image.


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